Leica Sofort 2, White

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With its high-quality, clean and minimalistic design, seamless connectivity and many creative features, this hybrid instant camera is a stylish and playful companion to keep by your side.

· Leica Design and UI

· Print images from your phone with Leica FOTOS 

· Selective printing of frames you choose

· 10 Filmstyles and 10 Lens styles


Key Features: 
• New design in 3 colors 
• Two shutter releases for selfies, landscapes and portraits
• 10 lens effects & 10 film styles, as well as macro mode 
• Leica UX menu design with familiar physical button layout 
• Leica FOTOS integration with the option to save Sofort images to the app and the ability to print any image from the FOTOS gallery
• Manual print lever, allowing the photographer to only print their best images