• Leica Visoflex (Typ 020), Black

    Leica Visoflex (Typ 020), Black

    Designed for the Leica T-System and the Leica X (Typ 113) is the high-resolution Visoflex electronic accessory viewfinder. Its tilt-and-swivel function lets you photograph easily from all sorts of angles. And extends your creative horizons when taking...


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  • Leica M-Adapter-T/SL

    Leica M-Adapter-T/SL

    The Leica M-Adapter-T allows the user to mount more than 20 different M lenses on the Leica T or the Leica SL (Typ 601).  It also provides exposure metering, aperture priority AE and manual settings.When 6-bit coded M lenses are used, the focal...


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  • Leica Macro Adapter M

    Leica Macro Adapter M

    The Leica Macro-Elmar-M 90 mm f/4 and the Macro-Adapter-M form together a convenient solution for close distance photography using the live view function of the Leica M (Typ 240). Thus it extends the field of application of the M camera to macro...


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