• Fogg Soprano 214 Satchel Bag

    Fogg Soprano 214 Satchel Bag

    (The smallest possible space for a basic Leica outfit ...) The Soprano is designed to fit inside a brief-case...Understated, the Soprano will tolerate the M body with lens mounted (and facing either forward, or laterally, into the middle of the bag) and...


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  • Fogg Lyre 449 Satchel Bag

    Fogg Lyre 449 Satchel Bag

    Deep, narrow and slim, the Lyre is minimalist and discrete, resembling the mens' shoulder bags so popular in Europe... Below its grab-handle, the Lyre opens into a deep main compartment, suitable for a basic M Leica outfit (for example, an M9...


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  • Fogg Flute 253 Pouch

    Fogg Flute 253 Pouch

    The new Flute pouch has been redesigned for the Leica M10 with lens attached …  Virtually any of its special lenses, that is….The conception of the pouch is based on a new approach: instead of having the lens facing forward...


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  • Fogg Satchmo 11 Leather Bag

    Fogg Satchmo 11 Leather Bag

    derived from our own version of a carpenter’s pouch, this satchel is for the rest of your lifeand then will hold for your children too… arma-dillo. impervious in pure hidelined in linen and padded nevertheless … a working satchel,...


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