Introducing The Leica Q3

Introducing The Leica Q3

The new Leica Q3 is a one of a kind marvel of technical excellence, designed to ensure unparalleled performance, and to reach a new standard for Leica’s engineering capabilities. The core technological advance making the Q3 an absolute stand out is the new BSI-CMO Sensor with Triple-Resolution-Technology. This new sensor can capture images with a resolution of 60, 36, or 18 megapixel, while delivering raw files in both DNG and JPEG format. The ability to capture 80 megapixels allows the camera to capture even the tiniest detail in any image, without compromising the crisp, defining quality that has become synonymous with Leica products. The lower resolutions, on the other hand, allow for faster camera operation, longer image sequences, and smaller file sizes.

The Leica Q3 can capture images in a truly unprecedented level of detail because it is able to utilize the entire size of the sensor for all resolutions, with a sensitivity range of ISO 50 to 100,000. In addition, the latest generation of the Maestro Series processor with L 2 Technology ensures a seamless processing speed and enhanced operations.

The Leica Summilux 28 mm f/1.7 aspherical lens lends the Q3 another layer of excellence in performance. Leveraging its integrated macro mode, the ASPH lens allows for strikingly clear close-up shots from a minimum focusing distance of 6.69 inches.

The extended digital zoom enables cropping images to the focal lengths of 28, 35, 50, 75 mm, and now also 90 mm. In addition, the Leica Perspective Control (LPC) and Leica Dynamic Range (LDR) ensure that JPG images are seamlessly created directly from the camera.

The new hybrid autofocus system of the Q3 features phase detection in order to ensure a superior focus when tracking objects, people or animals.

The DFD system and phase detection autofocus combined with intelligent subject recognition allows all Q3 users to capture the sharpest and most detailed images and colors.

To make the Q3 even more unique, the camera is equipped with a new tiltable 3 inch high-resolution touchscreen with the possibility of tilting vertically and finding new angles to capture images. As with all Leica products, durability is paramount and the Q3 is IP52 certified against dust and water, even with the new tilt screen and additional ports.

In order to ensure seamless connectivity on any projects, the Q3 is equipped with advanced Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) technology, which was shown to improve transfer speed to the Leica FOTOS app by up to 10 times. The Q3 also features the Apple certification “Made for iPhone ® and iPad ®”, which enables for smooth connectivity with a variety of devices and more opportunities for creative leeway.