Finger Loop, Size S for Multi-functional handgrip M & X Vario handgrip

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Capture every moment with the ultimate security and stability while shooting using the Leica Camera M Series with the Finger Loop, Size S for Multi-functional handgrip M & X Vario handgrip. This handy accessory is specifically designed to help simplify capturing your experiences on camera. Whether you are shooting one-handed or with heavier lenses, this finger loop will make it a joy. The finger loop is made of high-quality rubber materials and promises to be highly durable; offering you exceptional performance over time. It easily screws into the side of either handgrip, thus providing you maximum convenience and utility. Place up to three fingers in the loop for maximum security and comfort, leaving you free to use your index finger to press the shutter button for perfect snapshots whenever necessary. This helpful accessory is universal for both Multi-functional Handgrip M or X Vario Handgrips so no matter what kind of hand grip you own, you can always benefit from this simple yet effective device. Make every second special – purchase your own Finger Loop from Leica today!

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