Lithium-Ion Batt. BP-SCL 4 for SL, SL2/S, Q2

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The Leica BP-SCL4 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack is an essential part of your photography setup. The long-lasting, rechargeable battery provides an output voltage of 8.4V and a 1860mAh capacity so that you can take up to 400 shots when fully charged for the Leica SL (Typ 601), SL2, and Q2 Cameras. With extended use, you can be confident that your camera will retain power when it’s most needed.

Made with high quality materials that are built to last, the Leica BP-SCL4 provides reliable performance and power whenever needed. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this battery is ideal for professional photographers who rely on their cameras to capture moments with stunning clarity and accuracy. For those who seek precision in every image they make, the use of this lithium-ion battery pack will allow them the confidence to shoot longer sessions without interruption due to power issues.

The Leica BP-SCL 4 Lithium-Ion Battery Pack offers longevity and peace of mind when handling any photography project. Take photos with total assurance knowing that your camera has a reliable source of long lasting energy that ensures excellent shot taking during every shoot.

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