Thumb support Q2

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Experience improved ergonomics and enhanced stability when shooting with the Leica Q2. The Leica Thumb Support Q2 is the perfect addition to your camera, made specifically for the Leica Q2. This accessory is designed to slide into the camera’s accessory shoe, enabling you to hold the camera more steadily with your thumb pressed firmly against the rest. Single-handed operation of your camera becomes much easier and effective, while longer shutter speeds can be used without fear of causing unwanted blur from camera shake.

The integrated button allows access to a thumb switch, meaning easy control of certain functions without having to take your hand off the support for an uninterrupted experience. With its precision coating and perfectly matched lettering, this thumb rest will blend seamlessly with your Leica Q2 for a unified look and feel that enhances overall user experience and comfortability. Make sure you get the most out of your shots and invest in the must-have accessory: The Leica Thumb Support Q2.

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